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If you imagine that finding a beautiful woman to satisfy your every desire is time consuming, think again. Thanks to EscortFrance, finding a stunning escort in Toulouse is easier than ever before. Best of all, you don’t have to settle for just any woman, either. Instead, you can find one who is your version of perfect. From the hair and eye color, right down to height and figure, you can choose from a wide variety of escorts. Within moments, you will be able to find a woman who fits your criteria. And, you will be able to be satisfied in other ways too.

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Here’s How to Find an Escort in Toulouse

If you want to hire an escort Toulouse would be the best place to look. The sex workers in the city are excellent and varied. Below, we’ve talked about the many ways you can find an escort in Toulouse.

Escort Sites

There are many escort sites that allow users to connect with girls from the city. However, you need to be careful. Some of these sites are scams. Do your research into the site you’re interested in. You would get a good idea of its reputation from former clients.

A good tip would be to use an escort site that has an advanced filter. You would be able to find a sex worker who can better meet your needs.

Street Walking

France is one of the few countries where prostitution is legal. Many escorts in Toulouse are also street walkers.

There are specific locations where escorts hang around. The most well-known spots are Boulevard de Suisse and Boulevard Silvio Trentin. Streetwalking goes on from 10 PM to around 3 AM.

Boulevard de Suisse and Boulevard Silvio Trentin are known as the best locations in Toulouse to find sex workers, as the girls in the area are good-looking and accommodating.

Other locations to check out are:

  • Rue Emile Brouardei
  • Rue de Metz
  • Pnt Jemeaux
  • Boulevard des Minimes
  • Boulevard Matabiau
  • Boulevard de Strasbourg
  • Rue Raymond
  • L’orient
  • St Martine

If you’re interested in darker-skinned girls, Rue Raymond, L’Orient, and St Martine are known for their African street-walkers.


There are no brothels in Toulouse. Instead, there are massage parlors where sex workers ply their trade. Several of these parlors are located in the Minimes Ares.

If you want to visit a brothel rather than a “massage parlor”, you can drive to Spain. It would take 5-7 hours to get there. There are thousands of bordellos in the country.

Red Light Districts

Have you visited Amsterdam and been enamored by its red-light districts? Well, you might be wondering if there are any red-light districts in Toulouse. The answer is no. The closest thing you can find to red-light districts in the city are Boulevard de Suisse and Boulevard Silvio Trentin. As mentioned, there are plenty of streetwalkers in these locations.

Strip Clubs

There are some good strips clubs in Toulouse as well. As you can imagine, you would have to pay an entrance fee to get inside. Most of the strippers in the clubs are also escorts.

If you know someone who regularly visits the club, you can ask them which strippers are the best.

The main area in the city for strip clubs is Place Saint-Pierre, in Capitole.

Night Clubs

Remember that Toulouse is a college city. There’s nothing that college students love to do than party. That’s why you can find several nightclubs around town. Instead of hiring a sex worker, you could meet a college girl at a nightclub, instead. If you don’t want to go this route, and want an escort, you’ll like the fact that sex workers in the city hang around clubs and bars as well.

Through Word of Mouth

There are several high-profile courtesans in Toulouse. However, you probably won’t find them in strip clubs, massage parlors, escort sites, or streetwalking districts. These high-profile escorts are only known by word of mouth. Is it worth spending money on them? Well, they’re experts in their field. You are guaranteed an experience that you would never forget.

What will you do if you don’t know anyone that can connect you to a high-profile escort? The internet is your best friend. You can get in touch with people who know such sex workers.

Of course, word of mouth could help you get in contact with a regular escort too. These escorts would advertise their services on escort sites, and would street walk too. However, you might have not heard of them before, so you will have to rely on your instincts.

When it comes to finding a sex worker in the city, it’s not hard. There are several spots where they street walk too. The most famous are Boulevard de Suisse and Boulevard Silvio Trentin. Of course, there are escort services that you can use as well. Look online.

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